Did you know that 47 is the average age most women today will become first-time grandmas? And this is the first generation of women who not only will be grandparents but also have their own parents still alive? Today’s group of grandparents will also assume that role for an average of 40 years and the vast majority will be great-grandmothers!!!

The rock and roll generation of baby boomers are now grandboomers and they’re taking on their new “roll” (or “role”) with passion. Some say they’re redefining the whole concept of grandparents. First off, they hate to be called, Grandma” — it’s just too much of an Edith Bunker kind of image. It also doesn’t fit this group of women. They’re healthier, wealthier and far too hip (Sally Field, Goldie Hawn, Whoopie Goldberg, Peggy Fleming are just a few that fall into this group).

I’ll be discussing “Glammas” (what Goldie Hawn annointed herself when she became a grandma — the the term seems to fit just fine) today at 8:15 am on the Today show. I loved working on this segment and researching this new trend. These women are strong and confident. Only 12% of them are retiring. They don’t see midlife as a crisis but a time to reinvent themselves and bring back that passion they may have submerged. And the best thing is they are strong, great role models to their grandkids.

Forget giving Tonka trucks to the kiddies — this set of grandmas would rather take the kiddies on trips WITH them or arrange for their ballet or karate lessons. Sure, one reason is because they have the money to do so, but also it’s because they really want to bring a bit more fun and frivolity back into the grandkids lives.

Love it! It’s exactly what our kids need most. Great role models and someone to put back the child in their childhoods. YES!