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Parents Do Make a Difference

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Dr. Michele Borba's Keynotes & Workshops
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• Keynote Addresses • Character Education • Parenting • Training Trainers
• Esteem & Resilience Building • Creating Moral Learning Communities
• Bully-Proofing • Reaching At-Risk Youth • Building Moral Intelligence
• Violence Prevention • Safe and Caring Learning Environments

“Dr. Borba receives the highest ratings of any of our speakers, and we deal with the very best speakers in North America. There is no one we have worked with who we like and respect more or who has had a greater impact on our audiences.”
-Maria Lohbrasb, Executive Director, TW Branun & Associates, Speakers Bureau Serving North America

Dr. Michele Borba is a highly-sought after speaker and trainer who has presented keynotes and workshops to over 1,000,000 participants worldwide. Michele is best known for her practical, research-based strategies to enhance children's character, self-esteem and behavior, create moral learning communities, and reduce bullying and the cycle of youth violence. Participants have included school districts, church groups, foster care, national and international organizations, mental health groups, Character Education partnerships, corporate groups, state legislatures, universities, foreign ministries, and parent groups in 45 states as well as North America, Asia, Europe and the South Pacific. Organizations who have contracted her speaking services include the Boys and Girls Club of America, Association of California School Administrators, National Center for Youth Dropouts, International La Leche League, American School Counselors Association, Operation Respect, Junior League, Parents’ magazine editorial staff, Finland Ministry of Education, American Program Bureau, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Alpha Delta Kappa International, New Zealand Principals’ Federation, Power Within, Girl Scouts of America, Learning Annex, as well as hundreds of schools, districts and parent organizations across North America.

Dr. Borba’s is a former classroom teacher and partner in a private practice who has worked with students with physical, behavior, and emotional disabilities as well as gifted and talented. She is the recipient of the National Educator Award and earned a doctorate in Educational Psychology and Counseling, and a masters in Learning Disabilities. Her sessions are entertaining and enlightening, and always provide real-life examples and proven solutions based on field-tested research. Her down-to-earth warm, engaging speaking style and inspirational stories appeal to audiences everywhere.

Dr. Borba’s sessions are always customized to fit your audience’s unique needs, and are guaranteed to change the way you deal with kids.

To book a speaking engagement with Dr. Michele Borba:
Phone: 760.323.5387
Email: BorbaM@aol.com

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Workshops for Educators, Professionals, and Organizations
Sessions for Parents, & Caregivers
Ongoing Staff Development Sessions for School Teams and Trainers
The Borba Model for Building Moral Learning Communities and Breaking the Cycle of Youth Violence©

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Past Speaker Bureau Representations:
• National Speakers Bureau
• Bureau of Education & Research
• Learning Annex
• Global Speakers Bureau
•American Program Bureau
• Creed Seminars
• Solution Tree
• Learning 24/7-Teachscape
• National Training Associates
• TW Branun Seminars
• Power Within

“I can’t thank you enough for your fabulous keynote address you delivered at our recent Operation Respect Symposium in Washington D.C. Your speech was rated at the top. People are still talking about it a month later. It has launched Operation Respect into an entirely new level of effectiveness.”
- Charles F. Dambach, President & CEO: Operation Respect

Dr. Borba’s Keynotes & Workshops and Trainer Topics
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Keynote Addresses
Building Moral Intelligence: Our Last, Best Hope
Teachers Do Make the Difference: 5 Keys to Unlock Students’ Potential
Raising Our Girls to Be Confident, Compassionate, and Morally Courageous
Self-Esteem: The Same in Any Language
Educating for Hearts and Minds: Teaching the New ABCs That Cultivate Habits of Heart and Reduce the Cycle of Youth Violence

Workshops for Educators and Professionals
Building Moral Intelligence--The Workshop: Integrating Character Into Content
What Really Works to Stop Bullying: The Essential 6 R’s of Bully-Proofing
Reaching At-Risk Youth: Ways to Really Reach Them So You Can Teach Them
Breaking the Cycle of Youth Violence: What Really Works!
The Five Building Blocks of Resilience and Self-Esteem
From Cruelty to Compassion: Proven & Practical Methods to Reduce Bullying and Disrespect, and Build Moral Learning Communities
Don’t Give Me That Attitude!: Teaching the Other ABC’s for Changing Attitude, Behavior & Character

Sessions for Parents & Caregivers
Parenting for Character: Raising Socially Responsible Kids Who Do the Right Thing
Nobody Likes Me, Everybody Hates Me!: How to Help Your Child Survive the Social Jungle and Come Out on Top
Parents DO Make a Difference: How to Raise Kids with Solid Character, Strong Minds & Caring Hearts
Raising Self-Reliant Kids Who Can Survive, Bounce Back, and Thrive
No More Misbehavin’: Discipline That Really Works!
Foster Parent Self-Esteem Training

Ongoing Staff Development for School Teams & Trainers
Dr. Borba’s Model for Building Moral Learning Communities & Breaking the Cycle of Youth Violence
Phase I: Building Moral Intelligence—The First Steps
Phase II: Option A: Creating Moral Learning Communities
Phase II: Option B: Systemic Bully-Proofing: The 6Rs to Reduce Bullying & Breaking the Cycle of Youth Violence
Phase III: Integrating Moral IQ Into Minds, Hearts and Actions—The Four Dimensions of Moral Intelligence: Emotional, Social, Cognitive, and Behavior
Trainer-of-Trainers Sessions
Building Moral Intelligence School-wide: For Administrators and School Teams